Events & Engagement

We enjoy sharing knowledge as much as we enjoy acquiring it. 

Monitoring oceans, saving lives

orbital eos- SpaceTech

A conversation with a space tech company that uses space to solve problems on earth. With space technologies & AI, Orbital fosters a privileged vision of maritime data to change the world, and our team got front row seats to see it.

To remote, or not to remote?

Management CONSULTANT - marketing

2020 came packed with changes & challenges, many unforeseen. Dana, our Marketing Consultant from Silicon Valley, California, steps away from the world of music & marketing to discuss ways to cope with & navigate the realm of virtual work.

Experiences, milestones, & success

Management CONSULTANT - strategy

Our Management Consultant, Teresa, sheds light on the professional setbacks she has experienced, milestones she has reached, different teams she has worked with, and things that have shaped her successful career & current perspectives.

Business & academics

professor & management CONSULTANT

Understanding how different cultural practises affect day-to-day business operations is vital when working with multiple stakeholders. Our Sustainability Consultant, Eva, and Dr. Alan, professor at UVic, Catalonia, cover various business & academic views on cultural awareness.

Productivity comes in all shapes & sizes

management Consultant - engineering

Motivation & productivity look different for everyone. Our Engineering Consultant, Lucia, discusses a few tricks that we can all incorporate into our daily lives to ensure we reap the benefits of our hard work, regardless of what that looks like.

The job of a consultant

management CONSULTANT - human resources

Previously the VP & Global Leader of IBM's Human Capital Management Practice, as well as MD of Accenture's Talent & Organisation, Tim Ringo joins us to discuss the ins-and-outs of consulting work, what firms are looking for, and how to make yourself an attractive candidate.

Harness your gifts & embrace your bright side

management CONSULTANT - data & technology

A motivational discussion with our Technology Consultant, RC, on embracing our personality-based strengths and the raw talent we each bring to the table. To quote Les Brown, "You don't get what you want in life, you get who you are."

The building blocks of a career in consulting

management CONSULTANT - business strategy

We all love some advice from a seasoned professional, right? We also love to hear real-life experiences to make us laugh or think, “I’m glad that wasn’t me!” Our consultant, Gerry, spills the tea on his personal experiences. Warning - it's hot.

Professional communication 101

management CONSULTANT - sustainability

To set the tone for our program and prepare our Junior Consultants for client communication, our GreenTech Sustainability Consultant, Eva, covers professional correspondence and etiquette, as well as all the do’s and don’ts in between.

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