8 Weeks Remote Management Consulting Program

Work on live projects, develop business acumen, and advance your career in consulting.

For any degree students & graduates.
No experience is required.

program dates

5th July – 26th August

5th Sep – 28th Oct 2022


As Junior Consultants, you will be immersed in live client projects from the get-go!

Throughout the program, you will be working alongside other Junior and Senior consultants in helping provide a tangible impact for our clients whilst developing a valuable skill set to launch your management consulting career.

launch your career IN

Management Consulting

We provide consulting internships for aspiring professionals looking to gain the relevant skills and experience to enter the management consulting industry. For our consulting internships, you will be providing strategic advice and implementing business solutions for real business problems.

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Meet industry experts, grow your global network, and expand your commercial awareness

To maximise your professional growth & development, as well as increase your industry-specific learning, we hold a range of sectoral seminars, informative discussions, and skills workshops with a range of global companies and world-renown organisations throughout the 8-week program.

Our focus areas

We work closely with a variety of different clients

From start-ups to large multinational companies, and in several key areas of management consulting, we provide strategic advice where it is most impactful. We draw from three basic approaches when building and implementing sustainable solutions for our clients.


Digital Transformation

ESG & Sustainability

what you will take away

A comprehensive skill set with the tools and knowledge needed for management consulting

Following the induction, you will be divided into teams, working on consulting projects across a range of industries. As a Junior Consultant, your responsibilities will include market research, data collection, formulating solutions, strategy report writing, and presenting your findings to the client.

Our Consultants

A diverse team of Management Consultants

Do I qualify?

University students and graduates looking for management consulting experience

Our consulting internships are aimed at students and graduates who are passionate about, and hungry for management consulting work experience. Our 8-week consulting experience will help develop and enhance the key skills needed to launch a career in management consulting.

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Apply online to schedule a time for your online interview. Keep an eye on your email for further instructions.

Online interview
You’ll have an interview with our Admissions Team where we’ll assess your suitability for our Program.

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Program Dates and Fees


£ 2,450
  • There will be an initial application fee of £50 GBP if you receive an invite to make an application. The deposit will be refunded if you do not pass the interview.
  • Pay in 3 equal interest-free instalments with Klarna or PayPal: £816 x 3 payments


  • Intake:
  • 5th July - 26th August 2022
  • 5th Sep - 28th Oct 2022

Key Terms: 

  1. The full program fees will be due once you have successfully completed the interview process.
  2. If you decide that this program is not for you within the first 5 days of the start date, we will provide a full refund. 

Click here to read the full terms and conditions. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be working on a real consulting project?

Yes, you will be working on real consulting projects, for real businesses, alongside an experienced senior consultant.

What will I have to show at the end of my consulting internship?

You will acquire practical experience needed to get you started in your consulting career. You will also receive consulting-focused workshops, information sessions, and career development training.

Can I add this Consulting Internship to my CV/ LinkedIn?

Yes, you can add your experience as part of your work history to your CV/LinkedIn profile and add The Consulting Co as your employer and Junior Consultant as the Job Title.

Who will I be working with on the projects?

Your team will include a group of trainee consultants who have studied in various disciplines. Your team is managed by an experienced consultant who will be our reporting point. We also have team leaders known as “Project Sparks” who will collaborate and communicate regarding project related activities from start to the end of the project.

How many hours a week will I be working on the projects?
You will be working 30 hrs a week which includes individual and collaborative tasks, team meetings, team engagement activities, workshops, etc.
What skills can I pick up over the course of this program?

You will gain a broad skill set including but not limited to interpersonal and communication skills, analytical skills, critical thinking and problem solving skills, adaptability, creativity, team working skills, and time management.

Does my experience need to be relevant to my academic background?

Work experience is a surefire way to boost your chances of getting hired. When applying to consulting firms, any experience working on projects and with other consultants will be highly valued.

Can I do a part-time internship?

All of our consulting internships are full-time programs. However, there may be a degree of flexibility based on your circumstances. Your team calls will take place during business hours when the consultant is available – we are unable to change this.

What are my chances of employment at the end of the program?

This program will serve as a stepping stone to your career in management consulting as it will allow you to showcase the skills and experience you have gained by working on a live project. While it takes many years of experience to become a consultant by profession, we suggest that you take it as a step by step process.

Will I receive a certificate of completion or a formal document as proof of completing the internship?

Yes, you will receive a certificate upon successful completion of the program.

As an intern, will I directly communicate with the customer regarding the project?

Senior consultants will do most of the liaising with the client. However, if you feel this is something you would like to help with, the supervising consultants might bring you onto calls to help with project management and briefing.

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Management Consultant – Sustainability

Eva brings 15 years worth of experience in the implementation of CSR strategies and the management and operations of international development programmes. With her expertise in sustainable development and climate change, Eva helps our stakeholders transition from a linear to a circular business model.

Management Consultant – Strategy

As our Future Tedx Speaker, Gerry brings over 30 years of experience as a management consultant. Throughout his career, Gerry has enjoyed several executive positions and now focuses on bridging the disconnect between leadership and operational level to ensure constant growth and progress. Gerry’s expertise ranges across 12 disciplines including Target Operating Model, Business Strategy, Agile Program Delivery, Impact Analysis and ERP Systems’ Integration to name a few.

Management Consultant – Business

Teresa is a successful senior management consultant with 25 years’ experience in strategy and transformation across a broad range of sectors including Finance, Insurance, Industrial, Government, Retail and Distribution. Having brought several groundbreaking technologies to the market, Teresa is also the co-founder of two companies, Vennpoint Limited and Optunli.

Management Consultant – Strategy

Dana is a results-producing brand marketer, strategic consultant, and guest lecturer at 3 universities across the US. Specialising in Marketing and Integrated Communications Management, Dana holds an MBA in Strategic Planning from Auburn University, and is a certified Marketing Professional with the Association of National Advertisers (ANA).

Management Consultant – Technology

As seen in Forbes, RC co-founded the Liaison Labs ecosystem, providing the ability to forecast the future intent of customers with accuracy, helping to automate decisions, and understand the environment around key interactions with millions of data points simultaneously. RC has executive leadership experience in a range of industries, including strategic architecture, artificial intelligence, data analytics and insights, machine learning, operations, sales training, media, and technology.

Management Consultant – Engineering

Lucia brings over 20 years experience in engineering, manufacturing & management of automotive, aerospace & transport industries, with specific focus on business intelligence and engineering consulting. With her expertise in Lean Manufacturing, Cost Management, Textile Materials, Technology, Sustainable Development and Quality Management – Lucia can help deliver innovative and state-of-the-art solutions for our clients.

Management Consultant – Technology

As our Digital & Cloud Consultant, Jaspreet better known as just “Jas” has extensive experience in managing large-scale global IT transformation and infrastructure programs, and providing technical assurance for the development, deployment and testing of new platforms and capabilities. Jas is an expert in digital, cloud and IT transformation with hands-on experience in agile and waterfall methodologies across banking, financial services, media, and the public sector. Whew, what a consultant!

Management Consultant – Strategy

Gordon, our management and technology consultant, has extensive experience working with a diverse range of public and private sector organisations, and has personally established several high technology businesses. He has successfully assisted over 400 regional companies in the design and development of many new products and services, and possesses specific knowledge of public sector funding delivery, control, monitoring and evaluation.