Who We Are

Advisors and strategists focused on change, passionate about people.

our approach

Everything we do at The Consulting Co.
is underpinned by our core values:
integrity, innovation, accountability, growth, collaboration, and the principle of fail forward.

We offer informed, key insights, and provide an effective learning and development experience for aspiring professionals at the early stages of their consulting careers. We implement real business benefits and performance improvements by focusing on personal and professional growth.

Your future starts today.

Management Consultant – Sustainability

Eva brings 15 years worth of experience in the implementation of CSR strategies and the management and operations of international development programmes. With her expertise in sustainable development and climate change, Eva helps our stakeholders transition from a linear to a circular business model.

Lara – Global Partnership Associate

Originally from Cape Town, South Africa, Lara has a background in Law and a BA degree in Political Science, Psychology, and Sociology from the University of Stellenbosch. With her knowledge in these industries, she is able to effectively communicate and coordinate new clients and incoming junior consultants.

At The Consulting Co., Lara works alongside the Marketing Department where she helps create and implement effective communication strategies. She also coordinates between clients, senior consultants and junior consultants on projects to help deliver effective solutions.

Outside of work, Lara spends her time soaking up as much sun as possible, ogling at random dogs, swimming in large bodies of water, and (incorrectly) reciting Disney movies.

Management Consultant – Business

Teresa is a successful senior management consultant with 25 years’ experience in strategy and transformation across a broad range of sectors including Finance, Insurance, Industrial, Government, Retail and Distribution. Having brought several groundbreaking technologies to the market, Teresa is also the co-founder of two companies, Vennpoint Limited and Optunli.

Sula – HR & Project Manager

Sula is a proud product of Sri Lanka. She is an HR graduate with nearly 15 years of experience in various industries as an Administrative professional. She is also an accredited trainer and has served as an HR consultant on a freelance basis to a financial research firm in Sri Lanka.

Sula heads the HR and Admin functions in the The Consulting Co and enjoys working with numbers and data too.

She is a vegetarian and an animal lover. She enjoys feeding stray animals and adopting, fostering and rehoming them. She loves swimming, yoga,poetry,reading and writing.

Management Consultant – Strategy

As our Future Tedx Speaker, Gerry brings over 30 years of experience as a management consultant. Throughout his career, Gerry has enjoyed several executive positions and now focuses on bridging the disconnect between leadership and operational level to ensure constant growth and progress. Gerry’s expertise ranges across 12 disciplines including Target Operating Model, Business Strategy, Agile Program Delivery, Impact Analysis and ERP Systems’ Integration to name a few.

Mush – Digital Designer

Living in the Hill City of Sri Lanka, Mush is currently completing a Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Marketing at the Chartered Institute of Marketing, UK. He has a keen interest in SEO, Web Designing and Digital Marketing.

At The Consulting Co., we have Mush to thank for all our Digital and Graphic Design needs!

When he isn’t whipping out cool and creative designs on demand, Mush enjoys playing on his PC, specifically Among Us, and trying to hold the plank position for more than 5 minutes and he hates “Sliders”.

Management Consultant – Strategy

Gordon, our management and technology consultant, has extensive experience working with a diverse range of public and private sector organisations, and has personally established several high technology businesses. He has successfully assisted over 400 regional companies in the design and development of many new products and services, and possesses specific knowledge of public sector funding delivery, control, monitoring and evaluation.

Lucie – Global Internship Associate

Hailing from Birmingham, Lucie Morris pursued her bachelor’s degree in Business Management and Human Resources from the Leeds Becketts University. With experience in advertising, public relations and marketing, Lucie is now the Employer Partnership Associate for The Consulting Co.

At The Consulting Co., Lucie works on building and strengthening our relationships with clients and ensuring our stakeholders are excelling in their avenues. As the final host of the “The Career Growth Podcast”- a show focused on providing career insights and advice for university students and recent graduates, Lucie uses her expertises to bridge the gap between those looking for relevant experience and those in need of new talent.

Outside of The Consulting Co., you can find Lucie scoping some of the best restaurants across the world. She even has an entire instagram dedicated to her finds as well as some of her own creations!

Management Consultant – Engineering

Lucia brings over 20 years experience in engineering, manufacturing & management of automotive, aerospace & transport industries, with specific focus on business intelligence and engineering consulting. With her expertise in Lean Manufacturing, Cost Management, Textile Materials, Technology, Sustainable Development and Quality Management – Lucia can help deliver innovative and state-of-the-art solutions for our clients.

Julia – Head of Communication

Originally from Austin, Texas, Julia received her Bachelor of Arts Degree in International Relations and Global Studies from The University of Texas at Austin. Ready to explore the world a little more, Julia now lives in the London where she works as part of our Marketing and |Communications team.

At The Consulting Co. Julia focuses on market research, providing strategic recommendations and implementing creative solutions for our clients. Passionate about bridging the gap between education and employment, Julia is also a co-host of the “The Career Growth Podcast”- a show focused on providing career insights and advice for university students and recent graduates.

When she isn’t thinking about marketing, you can typically find Julia with her head buried in a book or finding hidden gems in the UK. Ask her about the time she found a hidden waterfall. You could also ask her to crack a dad joke, but we wouldn’t recommend it.

Management Consultant – Technology

As our Digital & Cloud Consultant, Jaspreet better known as just “Jas” has extensive experience in managing large-scale global IT transformation and infrastructure programs, and providing technical assurance for the development, deployment and testing of new platforms and capabilities. Jas is an expert in digital, cloud and IT transformation with hands-on experience in agile and waterfall methodologies across banking, financial services, media, and the public sector. Whew, what a consultant!